Servicing & Repairs

Colin's Watches aims to provide a repairs/servicing facility that is both convenient and economical to our customers.The following FAQs will hopefully provide you with enough information about this service for you to take advantage of its pricing and convenience. If not, please just contact us.

Why are you so cheap compared to high Street Prices?

Simply because we are small enough to respond to Customer's needs and circumstances. This means we will not force you to undergo other, unnecessary work just because you need a repair done. We will advise what we consider is the best options, what is essential, what is advised and what is just "icing on the cake"

Who does the work?

Well, it depends on what needs to be done and what is the best option for the customer. Most of the work is carried out by our in-house trained technicians who work under the advisement of a fully qualified watchmaker. Some work goes to the watchmaker and some repairs are best returned to the Manufacturer or local agent. 

Is the work guaranteed?

Yes, all work is fully guaranteed.

I have a very old watch. Will you still be able to repair it?

Sadly, sometimes watches are beyond repair. Usually, because parts are no longer available. If no repair is completed, then no charge is made other than expenses for return postage etc.

Watches can either be posted to us or dropped off in person at our repair partners as detailed below.




     Turnbull's Shoe Repairs

     53 High Street,

     Selkirk, TD7 4BZ


     Tel: 01750 23337




Contact Us

Whilst "Colin's Watches" is primarily associated with Vintage and Antique watches, we offer the opportunity to have any timepiece repaired at far less than "city prices".  Repairs can be either posted in or left with our care partner, "Turnbulls Shoe Repairs" of High Street Selkirk who will, wherever possible, undertake routine repair work so that your timepiece can be returned to you quickly.

All types of Servicing / Repairs carried out. 

Free Estimates

Replacement of Batteries & Straps

Bracelet Adjustment


All repairs are guaranteed




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