Low Cost Servicing For Smiths, Ingersoll & Services Pocket Watches

Low Cost Servicing For Smiths, Ingersoll & Services Pocket Watches

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Sadly, the cost of servicing  any watch is now so great, that to have the work done on your much loved Smiths, Ingersoll and Services pocket watch is no longer economical.  

Until Now!! 

Colin's watches have looked at this issue and have identified what we believe the mjority of owners really want - to have a watch that works reliably and keeps reasonable time.

To achieve this, we have identified a servicing protocol for these watches that will keep them in working ordert for as long as they possibly can.

This offer is only available for the following pocket watch brands:

  • Ingersoll
  • Smiths
  • Services

Each pocket watch will have the following work done;


Initial assessment to identify the need for any repairs out with the service level laid out in this document. If a fault is found, repairs or servicing will not be carried out until the cost has been discussed & agreed with the owner. The owner may elect to withdraw from the servicing process. In this case, 50% of monies paid will be refunded. The remaining 50% will be used to defray time /costs incurred and return postage.


Cleaned and lubricated. Electronic assessment of timing with appropriate adjustment. 

Dial / Hands: Cleaned as far as condition allows. No restoration or repair work will be carried out.

Case: Cleaned and given a hand polish. This will not remove scratches and scuffs.

Glass: The watch glass will be replaced or polished. Whichever is most economical. This will be at our discretion but will not involve any extra cost.


  • The above service level is non-negotiable.
  • Price includes return postage
  • Owner is responsible for postage to Colin's Watches.
  • We are unable to offer bulk discounts
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